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About Me (W.I.P.)

My name is Nick Arneson, and I’m enrolled in the Online Computer Programming course at Southeast Technical Institute. (Computer Programming course has a link at the top right on my navigation bar labeled “STI Curriculum.”) I would like to share a bit about my history and how I came to be in the programming field.

I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to home computing at an early age of 6 or 7, starting off with my mother's very own Intel 486, packaged in a Gateway 2000. However, it wasn't until a few years later until my fascination started to take off.

Fast forward to the year 2000 and that Intel 486 was upgraded to an Intel Pentium II. (I was gifted the i486 because I loved to tinker with electronics.) I was in sixth grade when I started teaching myself  HTML. As anyone will say, the sites were not that great. Granted a lot of websites around 1999 - 2001 didn't look amazing compared to today's standards. I became proficient in HTML, while my CSS and JavaScipt lacked severely, I did enjoy the trial and error and countless hours honing my skill. During my middle school years, I got to meet some fellow self-taught webmasters who ran some decently popular sites. Sadly I have lost contact with all but one.

Continuing to present day, I never thought I would go back to web design or be interested in programming. Sure I always wanted to learn to code, as something to do for fun in my spare time. I thought I would have completed my Cisco cert in high school and proceeded in that career field, however, my life choices changed. I have spent money on a real-life Networking Lab, that I now work on in my spare time for fun. (Image if a few years old. There has been some extra hardware added since this was taken.) The networking part of my life changed when I realized I was more than ready to take the (at the time) CCNA (now CCENT) exam and never did. Heck, I was even ready to take the CCENT more than once, but I could get myself to take that step. Something about full-time networking didn't sit well with me. That is when I talked with some close friends about personal career paths. (Weird I know, but friends don't always tell you to want you to want to hear and can give you a straight answer.) After a few long discussions with my friends, I realized that the coding I did do, I greatly enjoyed it and made my happy. I also enjoyed working with websites and learning how things worked and WHY they worked. After the long talks, with friends was when I decided to go back to school doing something I love finally. This passion has immensely grown for software development, as well as web design.