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PHP Unit 1 Exercise 1

⚬ Overview of CIS241 Dynamic Website Development course
⚬ Internet Fundamentals / Key Concepts / Terms
⚬ Understand what functions web servers provide and how to utilize an Apache web server to “serve up” static pages and to interpret / execute dynamic code written in php
⚬ Students startup their local Apache web server in wamp (Windows / Apache / MySQL / PHP), copy / paste files provide in PHP_IO_Test to a new folder they create in the “document root” folder of their “local” Apache web server, verify that both static & dynamic test pages work on their local Apache server, modify the pages to personalize them, and document the modified IO using screen captures

Unit one was mainly testing to make sure we had PHP enabled on our local server. If we didn't have PHP enabled you would see the source code rather than seeing the actual output.

PHP Test - Local (Opens in a new tab.)

PHP Unit 1 Exercise 2

⚬ Students research/setup a remotely hosted PHP/MySQL website, publish their LstF_Apache site to their remote site, verify that all the features/functions of their remote site work properly, then create an html page with a link to their remote site and submit the .html page with remote link on STInet.

This exercise is the same as the first one, however, now we are working on our remote apache server. Because you are viewing this website online, the link below takes you to the same location.

PHP Test - Remote (Opens in a new tab.)

PHP Unit 1 Exercise 3

⚬ For this assignment invovled a bit of a review from Fall and Spring semester, which invovled HTML and CSS.
⚬ Background.html with text which includes your “Full Name: Background Picture Exercise” along with additional text and a picture in the background of the web page
⚬ TextWrap.html with text that includes your “Full Name: Wrapped Picture - Text Exercise” with additional text such that the text is “wrapped around” a picture on the web page
⚬ Lists.html with text that includes your “Full Name: Lists Exercise” with both ordered & unordered lists
⚬ Table.html with text that includes your “Full Name: Table Exercise” and a table with headings & at least 3 rows and 5 columns
⚬ Form.html with a single html form (i.e., only one set of forms tags) that includes the following form elements AND your full name in the title bar of the page:
Checkboxes (at least 3), radio buttons (at least 3), dropdown menu with at least 3 items that allows selection of just one item, textbox, password box, textarea, submit and reset button.

In this example I will be linking screen captures of each part of the assignment. All links will open in a new tab.

PHP Unit 1 Exercise 4

⚬ • Students create HTML pages that use a CSS external file for formatting static pages for an Electronic Portfolio including a nav bar with anchor tags displaying Home, CIS Syllabi, PHP, JavaScript, C#, Java and “STI Programming Curriculum”. All of the pages displayed using the nav bar may be static except for the PHP demo pages whose outputs do not need to be formatted at this time.

You are actually viewing this project right now! It started as an all HTML site until Unit 3 Exercise 4, in which I converted part of the website to use PHP for the time consuming PHP Include statement for the header, nav, and the footer.

Home page (Opens in a new tab.)