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PHP Unit 3 Exercise 1

⚬ Databases / DBMS in general & MySQL in particular

This Exercise I have two links. First link, will take you to a display table, which will display a table in my database.
The second link, is a PDF file which has screen captures of some errors that are caused when using the wrong information trying to connect to a DB.

Database Display (Opens in a new tab.)
Database Errors (Opens in a new tab.)

PHP Unit 3 Exercise 2

⚬ Understand how to export/import database tables & why you would do so
⚬ Students export their unique database table for import into other data base management systems & then publish their Unit3_Ex1 assignment to their remote website

During this exercise, we are required to download our .sql file and upload it to our remote host. My provider, I was not able to and I would have needed to contact them in order to upload the file. Due to how easy the file was, I decided to just recreate the DB, as it was 1.) faster, 2.) I am not the type of person who would have contected them for 1 DB, 1 Table, and 5 rows. They have more important things to do.

I will not be linking this exercise.

PHP Unit 3 Exercise 3

⚬ Understand how to utilize DB table records for login security
⚬ Students develop locally & then publish to their remote site a new DB table with userName, password, and securityLevel (either “Guest” or “Admin”) columns. Then students create PHP login code to utilize the information in the DB table to allow the “Guest” users to only display the information in the table with their own name, password & “Guest” level security and to allow the users with “Admin” level security to display all the information in the new table including all the user names, passwords, and security levels.

This exercise kicked my butt. I started getting sick during this week, which made it near impossible to complete this assignment, due to doing my best to perform at my day job, with multiple people having PTO and no one to cover(hence why I was at work). My nights were spent sleeping after work, to try and recuperate as fast a possible.
I will be going back to complete this assignment during my three weeks off before the fall semester.

PHP Unit 3 Exercise 4

⚬ Students incorporate dynamic samples of their server-side PHP & PHP/DB code (i.e., working samples) along with static samples (i.e., .pdf files with descriptions of exercises along with captures of IO) of C# & Java work from other STI programming classes into their local Electronic Portfolio, including cross linking to/from all other pages from their nav bar
⚬ Students may incorporate login & sessions code into their portfolio to only allow “admin/certain” users with passwords access to certain areas on their websites such as picture/resume pages. However, please make sure that all pages that do not require security are accessible without logging in and that you email your instructor a username and password that will allow them to access all your pages on your website.

This exercise updates this website. Minus the login part. I switched all the html, to php files to allow the header, navigation, and footer in their own files. I also added each Unit as a subnav of the PHP linked at the top. Moving everything over to .php and including each one of the mentioned files makes it super easy for addons or changes like this. Do it once, and you are done.

I still have quite a few goals for this website. I plan to revamp everything and use CSS grid (which I wanted from the start) so you can get a screen shot of each section and click on it to be brought to that part. This is as well something I will be working on during my summer break before the fall. So stay tuned!

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